midi and editing

Hi! First post here. I’ve used renoise for years and have checked out these forums occasionally for a few things but I had no idea how to how to search for this.

I often work with midi files I’ve found on the internet and much of the time when I import them into renoise, the beginning of them don’t fall on the first line in renoise.
For example, the first note of a midi file I’m working with starts on line 16.

What would be the best way to move all the notes up 16 lines(and into previous patterns for the first 16 lines of each pattern)? Also, is there a way to move all notes up instead of down like with the ‘ins’ key in editing mode?
I use version 2.0 mostly, but I can use 2.8 if need be. I’m just not very fluent with 2.8 yet.


You should try 3.0
But as of 2.6, scripting makes a lot of things easier. With 2.0, you will have a long way of manual changes to get the things done you want to.

YeS use 3.0 …
go to backstage and LOG IN

If it’s only the first pattern that exhibit this blank space, then I would simply suggest that you select all lines from 16 → end of pattern, and copy them. Then paste what you just copied at the top of the pattern and adjust the pattern length.

If you need to do this often, then the keyboard shortcut ALT + X might come in handy - it will select all lines from the cursor to the end of the pattern.

^^The problem is the entire midi file is delayed by a fraction of the lines of the patterns. In other words, there is a rest smaller than the size the first pattern. I just wanted to move all the notes so the patterns started on the first count of every section of the tune for convenience.

I found a really easy fix for this using reaper and just selecting everything and sliding it back so the first notes started at 0 seconds. Then I exported it so I could use it in renoise. :D

I will be trying out 3.0! Downloaded it today. I’ve been meaning to get around to trying out convolution reverb so I’m excited to try the native convolver.

I’m quite stubbornly set on 2.0 as it’s what I started with and got serious about producing with. I plan on getting more into 2.8 for the signal follower and other meta devices, but so much has changed! It’s disorienting… :( The signature 09xx is something else now! lol