Midi and song position pointers

Hi guys,

Just started using renoise this week. And I’m kinda stuck on this. I’m using an external midi device and I need it to sync the timing with renoise when i hit play. That seems to be working ok, but renoise keeps following the position pointers and starts at a point that I don’t want it to. I can’t seem to find a way to have it “ignore” that midi message. Any helpful hints?


So the external device is acting as the master clock, and sending MMC and well as song position pointers?

AFAIK, when Renoise is synced up like this, it’s acting dumb and should just follow whatever position it receives.

Usually this is what you want - but would be nice if we could filter out those messages in the MIDI prefs (just like the master clock).

Alternative is to filter theMIDI messages using external software before handing it over.

Correct, external device is sending clock pulse, and when I hit play it sends a song position pointer. The reason it’s an issue is because the external device acts as a recorder/midi hybrid. So I choose to record separate loops at different points in the recording area. I treat them as separate “songs” but the device just sees it as one recording, and uses the pointers accordingly. It’s a huge pain to change recording files on the external device due to device limitations.

It would be a huge help to be able to filter out those messages, that’s what i was looking for. I assumed that it could be added to “Ignore specific controllers” in midi prefs, but doesn’t seem to work.

Additionally it seems kind of an odd function: When your renoise song is only one pattern it just re-loops when a higher position pointer is given then what exists in the renoise song. (<—if that makes sense)

Any suggestion on how one would go about using external software in a situation like this?

Thanks for the help!