Midi And Vst Automation.


I’m still battling with this topic… Automating VST plug-ins. And the documentation on this subject is really not that thorough in the wiki and since this must be done by using meta devices so I’d like to ask for a little help from you all who know good ways to record vst knob’s movements.

I’d like to know how you others record the VST slider movements… Do you use a midi controller for that or something?

I’m not sure if I’ve understood this correctly, but I’m guessing it should be most easily done by recording MIDI to a track that has a meta device controlling the VST plug-ins assigned on it? If there are some other ways to record automation I’d be glad to hear from these, since it’s a bit horrible to edit midi data slopes in zeros…

…or perhaps there is some way to convert midi automation data to automation slopes? How can I record automation “live” such as for example the Cutoff on Chamelphat?

Thanks for any help.

Hi and many thanks for your answer…

I’m actually looking for a way to controll an effect plug-in. (Chamelphat in this case) Can this data from VSTi automatedevice be somehow routed to a(n effect) plug-in?

you cannot send MIDI data to VST effects, this is not implemented yet in Renoise 1.8


Can the slider movements be recorded somehow somewhere though?

On certain VST’s I’ve assigned MIDI controllers without any major hassle. My way of doing this is to follow Bantai’s steps (1-3);

Press ctrl+m (to get your MIDI map window up).
All the parameters along the bottom should then turn white.
Left-click on the parameter you want to control
Move the slider - the selected parameter should then show the controller number you’ve just moved.
Then you press escape to close the MIDI map window (or just click close)
Move that assigned slider, and voila, your parameter becomes MIDI controllable!
If you want to record those movements, then just press Esc, and watch the numbers appear in the editor!

I’ve had so much fun with this stuff lately - Glitch is the way forward if you have lots of pads, knobs, sliders and a desire to cut up your breaks live :)

Everything regarding midimapping you can find here:

And this is just applicable to VST plugins as well.