Midi Assignable Gui

I know dat this issues was suggested by me and other rns users, but anyway…

Yesterday i was @ friend`s place, he got a very nice home studio, based around macbook & ableton (+ lotsa other stuff like powercore, vintage keys hardware blahblahblah), and i saw how he was working with ableton doing all things “live” using 2 midicontrollers and so on. No mouse or keyboard touching mostly at all.

Damn, i think we neeeeed this in rns.

Most buttons and sliders and dat damned transport panel. Please, devs, make it in next 1.9.x version.



a new thread about this comes up every 2 days :slight_smile:

nevertheless +1


I’ve got things set up like that with ableton, it’s great but I miss Renoise.

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Though I don’t know how much I will use the transport buttons on my keyboard… It’s deeply rooted in my spine to press ctrl to play and space to stop (thanks to FT2). It just happens automatically ^_^

it would be cool if renoise had something like this,and i guess it should be able to implement it into renoise somehow

+1 most requested feature

+1 thank you, please

edit: midi jamming with rns, that is

Message to devs - is this thing in ya “to-do” list?

yes would also like to know that. :dribble: