Midi Assignation For Mute/solo Tracks

It will be great for un live use!


you can use keyboard shortcuts for this, tho I agree that being able to midi-learn the renoise gui would be very helpful for live use.


Not being able to assign midi to channel mutes, master volumes and effect enable toggles is almost crippling live.

+1 for another Renoise-live-user! More midi-options!! ;)

This should not be so difficult to add, is it?

How about being able to assign a MIDI controller for each keyboard shortcut? I have used the Settings panel for assigning tracks mutes 1 thru 9 to to my (PC) keyboard, it would seem logical to assign the (MIDI) keyboard in the same place !

Yes! Midi assignable gui!!! +1 llions!!!

Great idea :)

Yes please, more midi options :)

Renoise should grow with the users. Few years ago most of us couldn’t afford to buy external synthesizers so these options were not needed. But now we grow up, have jobs and have ability to buy more. But since we are use to renoise it’s kinda like have a disabled child… sad…

Not only for live.
For a nice producing/mixing workflow as well. Just consider you have a midi-controller like below.
As Renoise has a nice mixer now, it would be great to assign all it’s features (and some more) to Midi-Controllers.
Like volume, pan (already possible), mute, solo, all-unmute, maybe group-muting(mute ch.1-8/9-16 etc), the transport-buttons (play, stop, fw, bw, …), bpm.

These options could be simply added to the Midi-Mapping Menue.

Alternatively, the bomes midi-translator’s key-strokes could be made function in Renoise.


Behringer BCF 2000[/center]

Nopes, because Bomes doesn’t use the Directinput routines from DirectX while Renoise does. Even if Bomes would support it, the whole Directsound environment is pretty much dedicated to the one application so either Bomes or Renoise will have full control but both would not share direct input.
You can set some type of shareability by setting the device priority to background or non-exclusive, but this is at the cost of responsivenessof Renoise.
I think it would be easier to implement more MIDI mapping features in Renoise than prepare it for letting other apps intervene the controls from outside.
I consider it even rediculous if Taktik would waste time to adapt Renoise to accept such third party solution intervention.

Ah I see, thanks for explanation.

Me too. ;) Would be the better solution definately.

While we are waiting for a new midi assignation config please make this two button (mute ans solo) assignable. Would be such useful for my liveset!