Midi -> Automation Recording Issues (On Linux)

Hi there,

yesterday i jammed around a lot using Renoise 2.5.1 and my AKAI MPD32 on AVLinux. :drummer:
Then i wanted to record my knob-tweaking into Renoise, and i came across 2 issues:

  1. Resolution of Automation tracks is limited to LPB, which should be addressed by the “Pattern Zoom” feature.
    Btw: When can we expect that to come? ^_^

  2. If i move my faders (that are linked to EQ10-bands) really fast, sometimes Renoise does not record the movement at all, or only “half-way”. So, e.g., if i move a fader all the way from 0 to 127, it might occur that the automation track records something like 43, but not the final state (127) of the fader. :huh:

Did anybody else come across (2), or is it just me?

Is it really Renoise though?

You could use a tool like KDE MIDI Monitor and see what your Akai/OS is actually sending to Renoise? Maybe Renoise is just processing what it receives…

@see: http://kmidimon.sourceforge.net/

Thanks Conner, i will try that.

But, i honestly don’t think it’s the OS or the Akai, because in the same setup, when i’m NOT recording (so, just playing the song in renoise and tweaking the knobs), everything works and sounds fine. No hiccups or anything. Watching the EQ while tweaking, i see the EQ sliders move real smooth and accurate. When i’m in recording mode, the sliders are jumping around quite jittery. It looks like the slider follows my movements, but at the point a sample of the slider state is recorded for the automation envelope, it jumps back to maybe the previous position.

Anyway, i will continue trying to reproduce that, or maybe record a screen video showing the issue.

Btw: I found recently that i have had a problem with RT-scheduling, as Renoise has been unable to create RT threads. This messed up DSSI/VST functionality a lot. Reason was the /etc/security/limits.conf has somehow been overridden by /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf. Should this be somehow be added to the FAQ section maybe? (I got it working now, but that did unfortunately not solve my automation-recording problem, which i hoped for)