Midi Automation.

My midi mappings don´t appear on the automation panel after I record.It only appears in the pattern editor.Neither way anything happens/sounds.
I checked the option record to automation in the midi mapping panel.So, why it doesn´t do as it is supposed to?
Anybody knows what could it be?How can I record what I play on my controller?

Check the Pattern Editor Control Panel:

The 3rd icon toggles the recording mode between the pattern and graphical automation envelopes.

Just to be certain… what exactly are you trying to record? MIDI Notes? MIDI CC (buttons, sliders, etc)? What exactly do you expect to happen/hear?

“The 3rd icon toggles the recording mode between the pattern and graphical automation envelopes.”
I was aware of that automation/pattern button.Still, nothing happens.I will try to explain myself better:

I midi mapped my controller with midi notes and CC´s to activate effects in the automation device , like on-off.Also, y automated in the mixer panel one track´s mute button.

This is what actually happens: I start to record, and as I push the assigned buttons, (i.e, C-4) it actually does what´s supposed to, like muting the track.Everything works fine up to here.
What I don´t get is the playback version of what I did.I press play and the track doesn´t mute.Or if I recorded the assigned midi action “turn on fx number X in the automation device” (or any other automatable device), afterwards, when I press play, that action doesn´t occur.

So, my visual information is null in the automation panel, even though i´ve checked it when I assigned the mapping, letting midi mappings record into the automation panel.And in the pattern editor it shows some kind of entry in the instrument number, delay, and effect column.

One of my guesses is that Renoise doesn´t do anything unless you introduce a note in the note column, but even though I tried it, nothing happens.