MIDI back from a Rewire slave (Reaper) to Renoise ???

Hi !

I don’t find any way to make MIDI go back from a rewire slave to Renoise…

I’m using Renoise as the master and Reaper as the slave and I’m trying to use a Reaper plugin (JS) as a midi effect for an other plugin that I wish to run in Renoise.

I have a send called “Rewire Bus 1” in Reaper, but I don’t know where it goes.

Is there a solution ?

Thanks !


The solution was simple !

[Edit] I thought but it don’t work during the Render to Disk process…

I just needed to enable the “Renoise MIDI-In” output in Reaper’s MIDI preferences…

… and use this port as the MIDI in port for a new instrument.

But still strange that there is no Rewire MIDI-In port in Renoise (master) while there is aRewire MIDI-Out port in Reaper (slave).
Or maybeI just didn’t find it…


Nothing goes out of the instruments during the Render to Disk process ! (offline or realtime)

But it works perfectly when I press the play button. This is because MIDI Inputs are disabled during the render.

What should I do ?

I think Icruelly need this Rewire MIDI input port… :wacko:

Nobody ? I would even be happy if someone tells me that what I want to do is impossible …

maybe record the midi tracks live then export what doesnt need midi?

Hi ! Thanks for your answer !

Yes I tried this but, I don’t know why, it doesn’t work well… I’ll do some more tests.