Midi Behaviour

I wonder if the following is a normal behaviour:
In one track I have multiple note collumns and some of them are off.

now when I play something the assigned MIDI device skips certain notes.
when all the collumns are on play, it behaves normal again.

If you just “Play” the song it is normal that renoise does not send MIDI data to the midi device if you shutdown a whole track. If you would stop a sub-channel i would not expect it to behave otherwise.

I have actually not tried what happens if i record notes in a main track where sub-channels are muted.

just make a track with, let’s say, 4 note collumns
set the second one “off”
go stand with the cursor on the first collumn.
now just play some notes while controlling a midi device,
you will notice what I mean, I hope.