Midi "Blackouts"


with your help I got renoise recording continously (see my other post). But now I have strange behaviour:

  • midi latency is very good (ok)
  • if playing on my keyboard, tones get off although I hold the keys pressed or do not produce sound at all. Behaviour affects not only some of the notes I’m playing but (especially in left hand) nearly every. Seems to get worse if playing faster. Beaviour is not only when recording but also when just playing.

is there a setting I messed up?

thanks a lot!


What plugins / instruments are you controling?

I’m using MIDI-instrument settings (soundfonts loaded to my creative soundblaster), then setting bank and program for e.g. grand piano. No plugins/synths, just plain MIDI. Behaviour is same on playback, I checked CPU-loaded: seems to be ok (at least during playback).



I don’t think the cpu is a problem here. It looks like midi communication is clogging up somewhere.
You can set the instrument’s device type to either Ext. Midi or Line-in ret., does that make a difference if you toggle this one?

Did you also checked the polyphonic limitation-settings inside your soundblaster? (not sending more notes simultaneously than can be played?)
e.g. if your limit was set to 32 notes simultaneously but the devices receives more, the extra notes won’t be played. This is a common made mistake.

Also it is important that the midi device receives the note-off signals for the instruments that Renoise actually sends a note-off to.
We have had a very rare report about note-off messages not being received by a midi device and therefore notes wouldn’t be played because the polyphonic limit of notes for that particuar device was reached and some notes still seemed to be “playing” even though they already had been faded out long time ago.

Thanks, I will check for all your advices the next days! I got the impression that I had initially renoise settings working much better. Yesterday I started up rosegarden to see if there is the same behaviour - everything worked fine. So I think there will somewhere be renoise settings helping me out (currently I am exploring Renoise-Demo).

Thanks again, I will post the results.


Just in case:The demo has no midi limitations whatsoever.