MIDI CC assignments question

So I just got a MIDI-keyboard which isn’t supported in my OS (Win 7 64-bit).

No problem! I can get it to recognize as a standard MIDI-keyboard - pitch bend works fine and I don’t want most of the extra functions that came with the keyboard anyway. I can always get to them later, when upgrading to Win 10.

Here’s the thing. I would like to use a few of the knobs on the keyboard for controlling a hardware synth - specifically, I would need to be able to send MIDI CC commands between 23-26 from the keyboard.

The default CC values for the knobs on the keyboard go from CC 16 -21 - and I can’t install the MIDI assignment editor, which is only supported in Win 10. Tough luck.

This might be a silly question, but is there any workaround inside Renoise I could do, to convert the CC values from the MIDI-keyboard to the ones I’d need?

Maybe xRules


If you need it to control instrument, you can use native renoise meta device - “instr. midi control” and use midi learning to map your ccs to this sliders.

It worked!!

Thank you both :slight_smile:

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