Midi Cc Device Only 15 Cc, Why?

If I want to map all the Control Change from a synth (119cc for example) in one MIDI CC device, I can’t…
My idea is that it must be great to program my synth directly in renoise!
It’s great that we can save our CC mapping, but in my case I need to, for the 119 CC, I need to create 8 MIDI CC device…

Is it impossible to have more than 15CC by MIDI CC device or it’s a deliberate choice to limit these MIDI CC device?

the current limit is due to the fact that there is only one digit available in the tracking command to choose which slider to set:

x = ordinal position of the MidiCCdevice in the DSP chain
y = number of slider
zz = value to assign to the slider

as soon this limit will be overcomed, there will surely be room for more parameters.

OT, but will your XRNS2MID script support CC’s in the future?