Midi: CC not send when track is muted?


I’m using renoise as sequencer and for midi cc on a lot of external synths.

I might be wrong, but I do beleive I am experiencing some inconvenient midi cc behavior.

I use the *Instr Midi Control for all CC’s.

When i load a project/song into renoise, the midi CC is initially not send to the synths. And if I mute tracks, the are not send at all, I believe? I have to fiddle with the CC settings in the

Is it possible, the initiate all midi cc states immediately after loading a song?

I ususally have a lot tracks muted on load, since I will unmute thos along the track is playing in my live set up. Usually only one 64 pattern long song, with a lot mute on/off.

Does this make sense at all? :slight_smile:

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If I understand well your point, yup the midi CC are sent at the exact moment when cursor pass on them in the track during playback… Your point is that you’re using a unique pattern with many tracks you mute/unmute to reveal different part of the song while playing live on renoise ? Indeed, I think that CC are not sent when track is muted, thus I did not test that :slight_smile:

Thinking out loud, maybe you could have multiple tracks, one for the part you want to mute, and another (silent) for the CC you want to send (that you do not mute ever) ?

Another way to mute the track would be to not mute the track (wait for it…) but shutdown the signal with some gain device that you switch between -inf and 0db juste before the output of the track ? The send device have a convenient “keep signal” button for this kind of usage you could use if you mute the send channel that recieve the signal…


Regarding sending CC messages at load time: I typically have a short (8 lines) “prelude” pattern at the top of each song to initialize assorted device chains.

It is also possible that a custom tool could activate on the “song loaded” event and send your initialization messages.

Were I to write such a thing, I might store the CC commands in the song comments and have the tool read them and send them.

Or read the CC info from the first line of all tracks and send them.

(I’m assuming that the Lua API offers a way to actually send CC messages.)

And I’m with @zbouboutchi on the idea of muting tracks using a Gain device set to -inf. Depending on your live set-up you could map controller commands to these muting devices.

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Thanks you (@zbouboutchi & @James_Britt ) very much for getting back and for being creative :smiley:

I was hoping for a solution that is less hack’ish - to me it should be really simple to implement a song option, to initialize all midi cc on load. Actually it doesn’t make sense to me why this is not done already.

I have considered the short pattern to do init, but it’s a hack and really not a satisfying solution, though it would do the trick with some additional volume/gain control as suggested. But I was hoping for something more satisfying and correct :wink:

So for now I’m stuck - hoping this will be implemented in the next update for Renoise.

Thanks anyways for your replies. Appriciated.


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Thanks for your feedback ! It’s nice you found a way to manage your parameters, I hope it won’t generate much complexity or instability in your live controls.

Hmm… It’s more easy to think than to do, in fact a midi CC is not a statefull information, it’s only a message sent on the midi network and interpreted by machines that looks for it…

If you think at renoise as an event generator/dispatcher, it’s not so natural to send events when a song is not running. Some DAW are “hiding” this async events behavior by doing some hackish tricks on their side but Renoise design wants you to know which information is going on… For my own I find this transparency pretty neat, but in your case, it would be profitable to have the habitility to fire events on song opening…
I took a quick look at tools to see if there was a song loader that could do that but I didn’t find one… I’m pretty sure it’s doable with lua API with a custom song loader.

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