Midi Cc Only Transmitting On Ch 1-4 Rc2?

This is a partial crosspost from this topic [Fixed 2.8 Rc2] Renoise Not "remembering" Midi Cc Values

I started a new thread as the RC2 update seems to have solved the midi CC issue for most people and changed the issue for me.

The synth I am using has 10 voices so I am using 10 “inst MIDI CONTROL” devices, one on each of 10 channels I am using in renoise. RC2 seems only to transmit midi CC to the first 4 channels on at least some songs. I have attached one of the songs in question if someone would be kind enough to take a look?

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Open the demo song “realtriphop”
  3. Play song
  4. Midi CC only affects the first 4 channels (in renoise which also happen to be midi channels 1 - 4)

Expected results:

Renoise transmits midi cc data to every channel

Actual results:

Only the first 4 channels react as if they have recived have midi CC date.

note, in RC1, loading a song 2 or 3 times would solve issues with some channels missing midi date, in RC2 this is not the case, CH1-4 get midi data first time every time, CH5 and above never get midi date regardless of number of reloads.

a bit more research, changing the “linked instrument” to N/A then manually entering the instrument number of channels 5 and 6 will correct the problem but after saving the xrns and reloading it, the 5th and 6th channels are once again, not getting the cc data.

Just have double checked this, and Renoise does send all the MIDI data. The only reason I can think of where this could go wrong, is that the MIDI driver starts overloadingbecause it overflows. Or the synth does get stuck at one of the messages on channel 4.

Thanks very much for looking into this. There does seem to have been a noticeable change in behavior between RC1 (takes 2 or 3 triec but loads all instruments correctly) and RC2 (loads 1-4 correctly 1st time, never loads 5 and 6) but it might be a one of strange aspect of that song. I will try and reproduce the behavior in another couple of songs.

Also I guess expecting MIDI to send 40 odd commands on 6 channels each at once without making mistakes is pretty optimistic!

MIDI protocol is likely not the bottleneck…
What midi interface/os are you using?

If this synth is connected to the pc and sending midi through USB can you try connecting through a midi interface with your synth connected via 5pin din to the interface?

I am not able to reproduce any issues with sending MIDI over various channels at once even on multiple midi ports from a MOTU mtpav

Im using Win7 6dbit with a custom interface for Megadrive which is based on a Teensy Arduino board. It connects via USB. Im really curious to get to the bottom of this…

This would be the first place I’d be investigating. Can you post more info on this custom interface? megadrive sounds like sega’s old genesis to me :)

I’m having an identical issue to Lazerbeat. The MIDI channels are getting confused signals, whether reseting to default, or taking on the CC signals being sent to a different channel.

As far as I can tell, the midi CC signal isn’t being constantly sent. Only when value changes are made.

At the moment, I’m cycling through Midi Macro presets, or changing the instrument assigned to the macro. This resends the Midi CC.

Is there any solution to this? Like a ‘resend CC’ button?