MIDI CC Resolution

Hi devs & midi gurus. just got myself a Moog synth, and It supports 14-bit MIDI CC resolution (0-16.384), vs the standard 7-bit (0-127). As far as I can tell, the current version of Renoise supports max 7-bit. Is it likely that 14-bit will be supported in Renoise in near future? I guess it would mean an incredible increasement regarding automation smoothness for all modern MIDI gear with this feature… or am I wrong?

Sounds like a good idea to me, hopefully it would also increase the resolution of pattern commands.

I think that is exactly the problem why 14 bit is not supported.But we do have 8 effect columns, two could be used to support 14-bit commands. The first one to set the CC trigger, the other column to set the value for it.
It does make the program complicated to beginners though.

But already, we have many cases where FX commands does not encompass the full range of the parameter being controlled. For instance, the LFO speed.
The effect column certainly is useful, just not when you need “floating point” precision…
So, with this in mind, it might be acceptable to be able to record 14-bit envelopes, and have the usual 7 bit range for effect columns?

Nothing more to add to this.

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Upping pattern effects resolution to 12 or 16-bit would also be a big plus.