Midi CC to multiple parameters

Great @Raul thanks, got it working, but i’m faced with another problem now.
Let me give a short insight about my setup to better understand what i’m trying to achieve.
I have a small custom arduino midi controller comprising 4 knobs and 14 push buttons. Each push button works as CC bank change, the midi CC for each of the 4 knobs changes every time, at the push of each button, so with 4 knobs only I can control 56 different parameters.
Pushing the first button and assigning the first 3 of the 4 knobs on the midi controller, the knobs are going to be linked to low shelf, low mid and mid frequencies on the equalizer, if I load an Analog Filter after the equalizer, these knobs will control Type, Cutoff and Resonance as expected.
What I would like to be able to do is having the 1st bank of knobs controlling, on the equalizer, Low Shelf Frequency, Gain and Q, so to do this I need to assign 1st knob to Parameter #6, 2nd knob to Parameter #1 and 3rd knob to Parameter #11. Now when I push the 1st button I get bnob1 controlling Low Shelf Frequency, 2nd knob Low Shel Gain and 3rd knob Low Shelf Q. It all looks good but now, on the Analog Filter the 1st knob controls the filter Type, and the 2nd and 3rd knob control nothing because the Analog filter has only 5 assignable parameters.
Is there a way to customize the Parameters addresses, so we can get more flexibility with the midi maps?

This is the custom midi controller I’m working with :slight_smile:

I have edited the original post by mistake instead of replying to yours, sorry :confused:

Each device has an ordered list of parameters, in addition to a specific range of parameters. Renoise does not allow you to customize the assignment of each knob to a parameter other than the one corresponding to its index.
Typical configuration for all devices:

Generic Device

  • Parameter 1 <- knob 1
  • Parameter 2 <- knob 2
  • Parameter 3 <- knob 3
  • Parameter 4 <- knob 4
  • Parameter 5 <- knob 5
  • Parameter 6 <- Knob 6
  • Parameter 32 <- knob 32

Renoise doesn’t allow crossover MIDI mapping for each control, sort of like a remap before physically controlling it. This could be solved with a LUA tool, but it is complicated, because it must cater for all kinds of devices, including VST / VSTi, which can return hundreds of parameters.

In fact, I am building a tool to get maximum control of MIDI routing. Basically you control practically everything from a MIDI controller or several: transport, navigation, editing, loading, selecting devices, changing parameters, etc. It also addresses this issue, but is focused on having a minimum number of knobs to assign, at least 8 with 3 MIDI channels.

These physical MIDI controllers should be designed to be able to change the MIDI channel. That is, if you have 4 knobs, make it 4 knobs per channel. If you have 16 MIDI channels, you would have 4 knobs x 16 channels = 64 physical controls. That’s the idea.
Other physical MIDI controllers have “banks” to switch. That is, you change the bank and you have 4 new knobs to assign. The same for the buttons…

Your physical MIDI controller can’t change MIDI channel?

It cannot change MIDI channel on the fly, I’d have to to change the arduino code, but that’s actually a great idea!
Let’s say I’d compromise 2 buttons, on the controller, to change MIDI channels (1 button for changing MIDI channel up and 1 for down), so instead of having 14 push buttons to change banks, I’d have 12, that would get me 48 CC, on 16 different channels, equaling 768 possible routings on 4 knobs only, right?
Thanks for your tip, this is going to take this little controller to a whole new level!

Looking forward to see that tool released then :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the idea. Have you built that physical MIDI controller? Woohoo! My admiration!

If in the future you intend to build something new, acquire a 2-digit display and 2 additional buttons, so you can see which MIDI channel you are using at all times.

Exaggeratedly speaking, it’s like you have 16 identical physical MIDI controllers on your table. But you need that two-digit display and two buttons to change the MIDI channel (or a wheel with a range of 1 to 16).

I would also suggest that all the knobs be 360º turn. So you could control any parameter with relative mode of the map. Many parameters have very high ranges, well above 128 values.

It is a long-term project behind closed doors. But it is already 80% finished. I’ve been working on it since November.


I have made the changes to the controller, now it can change MIDI channels on the fly, meaning it can control 768 parameters using only the 4 knobs!
If you need anyone for testing your tool, let me know i’d be glad to try it :slight_smile: