Midi Channel Filtering


i know i cant use multiple midi channels at once… but i was thinking, if renoise could accept 16 midi channels on track one and i would then put something like energy-xt as instrument i could divide the midi stream into channels again… so, my question is:

  • is there a setting in the config that handles which midi channels are used by renoise? (since it defaults to midi channel 1)
  • if so, can i tweak the config to pass all channels somehow?
  • if not, is this something that takes a lot of work for the dev team to make possible?


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I’m not sure if this helps you, but in
Instrument Settings => MIDI Properties
you can decide which MIDI channel an instrument is going to use

no, that’s for midi out. i’m talking about midi in

ok, then it is not possible at the moment: you are probably interested into these improvement ideas