several Audio And Midi Setup improvements

these days I’m exploring Renoise live capabilities because I’m going to have two live sets in the following days.

since I have faced with some limitations in Renoise, I have created a list of the improvements which in my opinion should allow for much more flexibility:

1] allow MIDI-in selection for instruments:

this is exactly the same idea Dr. Drips showed here:

one of the many scenarios in which would be fundamental is when you need two record two instruments separately, one from MIDI input A and the other from MIDI input B; another is if you have to record a multichannel instrument, such as a drumkit, so you may want to assign each MIDI channel to a different Renoise instrument

2] assign MIDI record/play of an instrument to a specific track:

in addition to 1], something similar to the already existent VST routing assignment, but for MIDI note recording:
if you assign a MIDI instrument to a track, every MIDI message related to that instrument will be written on the assigned track. again it is fundamental in the two instruments scenarios, but also very useful in general.

3] unlimited number of MIDI inputs:

1] and 2] make consequently think to 3]: currently, only two MIDI input are available: certainly they are enough for the standard user, but can be not enough. a GUI with a multiple choice list instead of the currently implemented dropdown box would be great.

4] unlimited number of MIDI outputs:

think of the following scenario (which is mine): you have to sync Renoise with an application which resides on your PC and with an application which resides on another PC; currently, the only option you have is to sync Renoise to the application on the same PC and, if it allows for it, sync this application with the other PC. as said in 3], a list of selectable MIDI outputs would be great.

5] unlimited number of Audio inputs:

the reason for this request is similar to the above: the LineIn Device allows to choose among the input devices available in the driver which has been choosed as the Renoise audio input; having the ability to chose more than one device as Renoise input would be a great improvement.

6] settings 3], 4] and 5] overrideable as Song Properties:

as the above settings could change from song to song, it would be good to have the ability to override them as a Song Properties element. probably this could be made with a simple checkbox in the Song Properties tab (“apply the devices setup to this song only”), which does not save the current audio-MIDI configuration to the general Renoise configuration when the application gets closed, rather saves it within the XRNS file each time it is saved.


everything that would help to use renoise live

for the time being you could into using renoise with plogue bidule

bidule is indeed what I’m going to use, but still there is something which cannot be done with this combo, like for example multiple instruments MIDI recording in Renoise and multiple instruments audio capturing with LineIn Device.

I think that this list comprehends everything which would turn Renoise into a full featured MIDI recording station; at least this is what I felt as missing during these days.

On Linux we probably need extra developers to raise Jack to a new level to make that part also possible on Linux.


I’ve often wanted to record (using Renoise) a bunch of musicians at once.

Reminds me of how I keep wanting to apply MIDI effect plugins to a track before it reaches an instrument/sample.

I had some hopes that this will be in 2.5 ver.
Not happened. So, we are still stuck with MIDI Omni input only :(
I dont know, ppl still using only qwerty keyboards to play and enter notes?

+6 ( plus 1 for each point ). When you dropped hints about 2.5 being more useful live, I thought this is what you’d meant. :(

More midi outputs and inputs would also mean better XRNI layout.
The XRNI layout sounds like a 3.0 improvement …

still have to explore the new release,but it certainly looks like the new beta has alot of features that would be usefull in a live-situation

In the meantime we will see devs wasting more time on more unecessary track DSPs like cabinet simulator, stutter (next probably freq shifter and vocoder ,etc) and not proper MIDI routing. yet we we will see OSC support in the next version :huh:
I think Renoise is the only commercial sequenser without MIDI input mapping , so go figure :angry:

The new devices were KraKen’s share, give the guy a break, he had to produce something to get accustomed to the source. Be glad he got on the team to add stuff, because there will be more stuff coming along with two developers working on the case. There is a lot more coming when the scripting engine is being released as well.

It has enough Midi input mapping… you can map a ton of options right now, please have patience for the rest. More folks are waiting for various obvious options that unfortunately did not made it yet, but suppose we cannot hold back a Renoise version for over two years and then release it all…

Please introduce MIDI Feedback soon so endless encoders can be more useful and fun.

well i think it-alien’s suggestions are right on the mark for future midi implementation. i also think that allowing for multiple audio devices would be great. would they be sharing the same driver? or have i misunderstood this idea? i know on osX you can create aggregate devices to share the core audio driver.

hihi, check it out again with rewire.



This would allow to use vst plugins that send notes or commands to another vst/external synths.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m just curious if this is being planned/on the to-do list. I currently own 2 synths and the Novation launchpad and I can not use all of them without manually switching intruments in the midi input configuration. To switch manually between those devices is very impractical and messes up the workflow. I’d be eternally grateful :)

I just posted a question about that in beginners forum. So I guess this is not possible. sigh.


How about adding VSTI / VST MIDI out (cross) routing / linking to the list?