Midi Chorder

Hello Guys,

do you know the “chord memorizer” from Logic or the “Chorder” MIDI-Plugin from Cubase?

I think this would be a - quite simple - but enormously powerful feature.
Currently i am using the one from Cubase, and the only thing i’m using from Cubase is actually the MIDI-Chorder plugin.

I use this for playing one-finger chords, so i can easily develop my chord progressions with pre-selected chords …

Key feature: MIDI learn

I know there is a LUA tool for chords, but it’s not satisfactory for this purposes. What i’ve also tried as a workaround is rendering chords to sample, and then play the samples via drummap. Anyways this approach is not “realtime” in that sense, that you can easily change the patch of a softsynth while playing the chords and “play around as you go”. - This is why i was moving towards Cubase MIDI-Chorder. The one from Logic is good too, but MIDI Learn is broken.

What do you guys think, about a MIDI Chorder plugin ?

+1 I’d like this too.