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I am running Renoise with quite a few bits of external gear, and i am currently using a hardware MIDI merger to send the clock output from ‘output A’ -> MIDI merger -> synths. Yet, i have run out of ports on the merger (a lot of my synths lack an out/thru port), so i am wondering (again): couldn’t Renoise just send it’s clock the all MIDI outputs? I am using a 4x4 MIDI interface, and life would be so much easier if Renoise could send it’s clock to all outputs.I could even leave out the MIDI merger :slight_smile:

I am reluctant to use external tools to ‘map’ these outputs virtually. I tried that once, but that was an unstable solution.

I can’t think of a reason why this shouldn’t be implemented, but maybe someone can enlighten me here.

Many thanks!!


Could you use this be used inside renoise?

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. The link works, but ‘Clocker’ is missing on the ‘Download page’ it refers too.

Yet, i’d prefer an internal (as in within Renoise) solution. A simple checkbox to select the ports that need clock would be awesome. I don’t need a different clock (from the host) as the plugin suggests. Reaper does this in a very elegant way.

I hope Renoise will get this feature at some point. A few people asked before according to my searches.

@taktik, please? :wink:


Just mention it seems to be in the legacy download area as a 32-bit vst https://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/legacy_downloads.html

I will give it a shot, but looking at the ‘state’ of this tool (legacy stuff, 32-bit) i’d still be interested in having this as a native feature in Renoise. I hope a dev can say something about this.

Have you tried it yourself? It works, but not too well. You also need 4 instances (as effect plugin), and it behaves inconsistently. When you start/stop the sequencer, it sometimes start/stops the clock as well (but not always). When you run it a few times, this behaviour changes and a clock is send all the time (also on sequencer stop) or just stops sending it at all until you fiddle with the settings again (changing the output midi port).

So yes, in a way it does the job, but not as nice as i hoped for.

Renoise should be able to do this on it’s own if you ask me.

Thanks for your suggestion!

I don’t mess with midi clocks LoFiye, sorry. The vst suggestion was from @thereturnofkippertof :slight_smile:

Ah, you are right. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

I just stumbled across it the other day and had recently read your post, so thought I’d mention it. Not tried it myself

I don’t think i want to go and install old Win7 stuff. Fact is, every other DAW i have (reaper, flstudio) simply support this feature out of the box. It has been requested multiple times before. I can’t understand why it’s not there. Of course, there is a lot of other stuff that need to be done, but this midi clock feature is actually already there, but not implemented as good as it could be. Too bad.