MIDI clock master to multiple MIDI ports

Now it is able to have multiple external MIDI instruments in Renoise, and because we are a lot to have MIDI interfaces with lot of MIDI ports connected to our synths.
Not able to MIDI chain all of our synths on only one MIDI port…

It would be nice to be able to select more than one “out device” in MIDI clock master preference menu.

Would indeed be nice, just a simple checkbox to the right of the device-dropdown to indicate whether the selected device is controlled yes or no and the below settings also being individually applied to it (meaning:they change if you swap to other devices) would most likely do.
Settings should then be linked to device names and if devices are no longer accessible (because it may be a USB device) then it should somehow show in a pale colour but do allow you to keep changing the settings for it, even not available. (the checkbox however would not respond / disabled / greyed out)

I think that it will however be hard to have an out-of-the-box- synchronization solution because timings between the devices might change each time you reboot your machine. (you might be consequently tinkering with the delay after each computer reboot)

I don’t clearly understand this point. I use MIDI clock broadcasting from cubase or ableton for long now to all the ports of the MIDI interface i use and never perceived delay between each synths connected to the different ports.
Maybe with the use of USB MIDI connections it might appear some lag between the different synchronized devices… Did you spoke about it ?

I was in particular aiming on these indeed. Gear plugged into an PCI-X(1) slot that has several old fashioned midi-ports usually works flawlessly