Midi Clock Sync On Multiple Hardware Synths, How?

We’re working several years in Renoise with our hardware and always linked all the hardware synths through MIDI THRU. We’ve had a Midisport4x4, but we could never use it since M-Audio didn’t released a Vista64 driver. But after a while we really wanted to use a midi controller, because we wanted to get as much control of every knob on every synth as possible.

Now we got 3 Cakewalk’s UM-3G’s and they work prefect. All the synths got their own Midi I/O and now we can record every knob live from every synth. But now I’ve one problem I thought that a midi controller took the Midi Clock signal of Renoise for all midi outputs. I tried several setups and tried to find some solutions on the internet for this. I also looked for some kind of MIDI controller software, which can send 1 Midi Clock signal to multiple devices at the same time.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Without wiring everything through Midi Thru again?

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No, he has to ask Renoise. In Renoise it is not possible to send midi clock to multiple midi outputs and that sucks.


btw: That’s a nice midibox, the UM3G, never saw it. I also have a midisport 4x4 without x64 drivers, maybe the um3g is a good substitute.

I hope Renoise will have this option very soon then. I really need it for all of my synths.

It’s great, especially because it’s faster then a normal MIDI Interface Device because of its special FPT. (For more information: http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/UAUM/FPT.asp)
You can also chain up to 3 of these devices for 9ins and 9 outs.

I would definately support this feature to send midi clock to multiple midi outputs.
As work around I could imagine that it is with MidiOx possible, but have not tried it.

get a MIDI patchbay. it’s not the most elegant solution but they’re cheap and very useful for working with multiple MIDI machines. I got my first, a Kawai MAV-8, in 2005 and I can’t imagine trying to route MIDI without one.