Send Midi Clock Over Multiple Midi Outputs

I’m thinking of buying a midi card with mulitiple outputs so I can put units on different outputs to make the midi signal tighter, that would be nice!

But . . . in Renoise you can assign only one midi output to send the clocksignal through, why is that? Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance!


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would be nice indeed, even for bands playing using Renoise as a live sequencer

For most midi equipement the midi clock signal is very important. I think this really should be implemented in a future release.

Does this article not give you some clues how you might be able to perform this through Midi Yoke and MIDI OX?…ng-for-renoise/

The merging story may be of help though it seems the opposite of what you want, i guess there must be another way around to get the exact thing that you want.

In what way do one use this midi clock signal ?

so the equipment keeps the same bpm as renoise or vice versa.

and on the subject of limitations, who else thinks renoise shouldn’t be limited to 2 midi inputs.

Is Renoise limited to 2 midi outputs? So If I buy a card with 6 outputs, I can only use 2?

Count me in for the exstinction of limitations on midi outputs and assignable midi clock outputs!

I don’t need merging, I need a software Breakoutbox :) But only one that functions as a splitter for the clock signal, not for the other midi data like notes. The midi notes need to go to separate outputs. So I really don’t think MIDI Yoke will help me in this problem. But then again I have not tested MIDI Yoke, so I’m not really sure.

If thew MIDI output is listed as a device it should be viewable in Renoise, if you can attach a MIDI Yoke channel to one of your midi outs in your Midi configuration of windows then you can use MIDI Yoke for the trick as each MIDI Yoke channel is listed as one device in the MIDI instrument list.

vV is right. You need the merging. If you can merge notes then you can merge also any other midi-cc’s.
Well, I have tried it myself, because I had the same problem sometimes: I would like to send Midi-Clock to two synths plugged on different Midi-outputs. And it works.
What you have to do is:

  1. Renoise: Set Out-Device (Preferences) to Midi-Yoke NT: 8 (or any other number)
  2. Midi-Ox: Options/Midi-Devices: Select Midi-Yoke 8 as Midi-INPUT device (and all in/outs of your Midi-Device)
  3. Midi-Ox: View Port Routings: Here you can see that Midi-Yoke 8 is routed to all of your Midi-Output devices.
    Now all Clock sendings from renoise will be sent to all of your midi-outs.

A problem I had is the stability of Midi-ox and Renoise running at the same time. I had encountered several massive crashes (PC resets instantly or Renoise hangs or Renoise blocks some output devices etc.). I don’t know why.
So the safest way is probably just to use one midi-out device as output device, and connect all other synths which should receive the midi-clock signal at the midi thru port of the first connected synth.

Anyway an additional Output-device could not harm, but what I would like more is two more Midi-INput devices :)

Good idea spdk, I would love a midi-clock on every midi output. Right now I have to many toys on 1 midi output just to give everything a midi-clock.

I am sure you can use programs to solve this problem, but renoise should be able to do this, is my opinion.

I think functionality like this, and this (midi output mapper) and the ability to assign an automation envelope to pitchbend/modulation is really important for users with outboard gear.

If this is implemented in a good way, Renoise will get even more professional and will get more populair by a different group of users.

Any news on the this topic? Send midiclock to multiple midi outputs?

SPDK, if your aim is simply to bump these threads to give them more exposure to the users who may have not seen them, then it’s ok, but don’t expect “news”, as we normally do not give details about what is going to be until the beta stage of a new version is released.

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I was just bumping the treads, I don’t want these topics to get lost on page +136 of this forum.

These are very basic features for a sequencer, I realy hope this gets fixed in a near future release.

I can’t see why other people ask for things like a native renoise calculator and stuff like that while you can’t do basic things like drawing a pitchbendline or send midiclock to multiple outputs.

Thanks for your time.

The other topics i reffered to in this tread:

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well that’s probably because those people do not need at all what you need the most; for example I would never use the second of your example features, while I would like the first a lot, it depends on what you do with your equipment

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Your probably right, but it’s still my opninion that these are very basic features that you expect to be in a sequencer when you buy one from v1.0 on.

You don’t expect a full featured compressor or screamfilter in it, it’s great that Renoise has these features, but these add-ons are not part of the sequencer, and therefor not a basic need.

Well thanks for reading my post, I know i’m not the only one who thinks his wishes are the most important, I just spam my thoughts on making Renoise even better.

agreed !

being able to send midi clock out on more than one port is very important .

i would very much like to see this added before the next release. ive got a calculator watch for my maths and dont need that in renoise ;)

i currently use a hardware midi merge box (that also splits the signal) so i can use renoise as the master clock and sync my drum machines, hardware fx and synths to renoise. i cannot chain them all in series because i am sending lots of midi CC out of renoise and too much midi slows the flow (remember than midi is a linear series signal) so i have to use 4 midi outs.

The only problem here, why we don’t have this yet, is, that the current MIDI preferences won’t allow us to add this. Adding just another dropdown for MIDI clock is not enough for everyone. Adding 4 ones is just ugly. A “Send MIDI clock to all MIDI outs” is dangerous, especially when working with virtual MIDI ports.

So we need to redesign the whole way of setting up MIDI ports inRenoise, adding options for each existing device, like use this for sync in/out and output and filter messages XYZ from this port. Redesigning the whole thing is of course not trivial and again and not simply done.

Just wanted to point out why the “why can’t you simply” won’t work…

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I would really like to sync more than one midi device to Renoise’s clock.