MIDI cont->Renoise->Ex MIDI->Aggreg Audio Dev->Specific Ch?

Hi fellow Renoise fans.

I’ve used Renoise extensively with VSTs, but I would like to be able to play my SL88 Grand controller and hear my various external MIDI devices. Of course this is simply a step toward wanting to use the SL88 Grand to help me enter notes into Renoise.

Currently, though, I can’t hear my external MIDI devices, whether playing the SL88 live or during Renoise playback.

These external MIDI devices’ audio output is on separate channels of an aggregate audio device I made in OS X Audio MIDI Setup.

VSTs are working fine with the aggregate audio device. I see the MIDI input from the SL88 Grand and the MIDI output to the correct channels on the MIDI tab of Renoise. But again, the problem precedes MIDI. I can’t hear the MIDI keyboards when I play their own keyboards.

I grok how to do this in Logic Pro, where I simply specify which audio I would like to hear on a given track. But I can’t seem to find the equivalent in Renoise. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I now hear one of my keyboards when I play it. I wish I could explain what changed. I did try using Line input, but it’s forcing me to choose channels 5 and 6 whereas I have a couple mono synths, and I want only audio channel 6.

This makes me think i gotta modify my midi populator script to also read the audio input devices and channels list and offer the possibility of reading which audio input channel goes to which newly created audio track which had midi input and midi output channels automatically set… Thanks tor the idea!
Mine currently allows for setting input midi device and channel and qutomqticqlly adding line input devices for each track. Let me know if interested in testdriving it?

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Sounds wonderful. I would love to check it out if you think it’s up & working!
Thank you

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