Midi Control A Single Reason 11 VST Using Separate Renoise Tracks

Hi guys,

Now that 3.3 is out, the Reason 11 vst works just fine inside Renoise.

My question: Is it possible to only use one instance of Reason 11 vst inside Renoise all while using multiple Renoise/midi tracks to control each instrument back inside Reason?

For example, I want to use Europa, Malstrom, and Redrum, which are all inside Reason, but I want to use separate Renoise midi tracks to control each of these instruments. (Think Bass, Lead, and Drums).

Yes, I could open up three instances of Reason inside Renoise each as their own tracks, but it hurts the cpu on my budget laptop. This would be the easiest way to solve the issue, but Reason is a vst that has a bunch of mini vsts inside of it.

…If I could use Reason as a single vst, all while using Renoise to control each instrument inside of it, that would be great!

My issue right now is that I have the vst on one track, I layer a Europa and Kong, and both the synth and drum hit play together. I am trying to figure out where the Midi Out device (on Europa and Kong) routes inside Renoise and how I can use a Renoise track to play only drum hits and the other track the Europa.

Again, It would be so cool to have up to 10 tracks all while there is only one vst present.

might be kinda hacky, but I wonder about setting up exclusive keyzones for the different reason units… say, drums from c-0 to c-2, bass from c#2 to c-4, lead from c#4 to you get the idea. all the note data could be on one renoise track (multiple note columns, each assigned to one intrument for sanity’s sake, presumably) and I’m not sure how you’d deal with automation, etc…

have you tried rewiring reason to renoise? generally works fine if your cpu can handle it, but then you’re stuck sequencing in reason too… hmm…

hopefully someone else has a better solution for ya. I’m none too versed on internal midi routings and such

Yes, easiest and the only one reasonable option I think. I doubt that you can save so much cpu using one rack with many instruments. Reason instruments are not mini vst, they are build in devices and the rack extension solution is done very sophisticated. I have tried to check and compare the cpu consumption of one rack with more instruments and more racks with one instument and the result is almost same and not significant.

The best way to save your cpu is to record a rack extension or VST result (step by step), that means replace the instrument with the result output sample.

Actually, I was trying to do that last night! I am at the point if I should just buy more CPU and just open up 7 Reasons and just don’t look back at the one.

Then again, Reason 11 as a vst is advertised (especially in Live) as a one-stop solution, and you technically don’t have to open more copies.

They just didn’t have Renoise in mind.

Yes! I actually have a EnergyXT Rewire vst inside Reason 11 (since 11 got rid of Rewire). I’m not sure if Renoise can Rewire Reason 11 into itself, i’ll have to check! (Especially that I am using a third party program to create Rewire inside of Reason).

Maybe I’m just lazy, but yes, still working on only using Reason 11 inside Renoise.

Yes! I was also thinking I could just render-to-sample Reason sounds inside Renoise. Why not? But then again, loses that bright sound quality running as a vst.

I think I had 25% CPU when I was running 3 Reason vsts. I should experiment how much my computer can handle, but it was getting kind of laggy.

I also have other vsts I could compare and contrast. Its all about saving space for me.

Ok, I think I got it.

Instead of assuming I should do everything in Renoise, maybe it’s that I am really working everything inside Reason 11, and using Renoise as that Rewired slave.

While Reason 11 does not have Rewire inside of it, I had to use EnergyXT’s own Rewire vst in order to get it both synced together.

I took a screenshot of my window. Reason 11 is the master, Renoise the slave. EnergyXT lets this process happen, and takes Renoise as a single track inside Reason 11.

Looks like I will have to focus myself as a Reason 11 user taking advantage of Renoise as a tracker instrument.

…The current issue at hand, is that EnergyXT reads Renoise as a single track inside Reason 11, and I must now plan out the entire song synced with Renoise’s pattern sequencing. No way to get around this. It’s like two twins to take care of.

If I wanted to go really crazy, maybe I record some Rebirth 303 lines as audio tracks in Reason 11, and then layer it with some Renoise tracker control, maybe using Rave Generator vst, opening it up inside Renoise instead of Reason!.. the complex layers to this! :man_shrugging:

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 1.49.38 AM

EDIT: Actually, I really don’t need to use Rewire! I can just use virtual midi clock in and out in both programs. So to save on CPU in Renoise, maybe just don’t open up the Reason vst inside of it? Just let Renoise midi out control the instruments inside Reason and use Reason as the song arranger, and Renoise as the composer/creator.

Try redux (with as many instances as you want) inside reason as as an integrated tracker environment

kinda sounds like you want to be composing/arranging inside renoise, though

I have to look into it, but how would Redux, as a vst, midi control other devices inside Reason?

From what I was researching, I thought it was kind of a tracker sampler rather than a controller.

I think it might have something to do with the Midi Out devices?

EDIT: Just found out Redux has no midi output. Redux would be good for using samples and breaks inside Reason, but not possible when controlling other Reason devices or vsts. I believe that is the purpose of Renoise.

All workarounds like EnerxyXT and virtual cables take more cpu so the result can be similar to using more Reason instances.
If you use midi clock and use ASIO driver you will challenge to another problem, how to route more audio outputs to the one ASIO input.

VST with Rewire (EnergyXT) sounds like the good option but I don´t have any practical experience with it.