Midi control too late using Points automation


I’m currently using a Kontakt instrument that uses the expression control to govern the intensity of each note. Much like the volume pattern command might govern intensity of a VSTi note normally.

Now, because automation is the only way to add dynamics to this patch, and I want to use it much like a normal volume pattern command, I’m using the ‘Points’ mode in the automation editor to add values to each line.

The problem is that the MIDI controller data is too late to effect the note that is being hit by the playhead, instead setting the expression control for the following note.

The only workaround I’ve got currently is to add a very small delay to the notes in the pattern so that they fall just after the expression value is set in the automation panel.

Anyone got any better ideas? My workaround is a tad clunky to say the least.

Many thanks

Like PDC … but for MIDI controllers.

hmm interesting, does this happen only to that instrument? or does it happen only for kontakt?