Midi-controller And Triggering Renoise Commands

Is it possible to use a MIDI-controller to trigger e.g. Play/Record commands in Renoise?

it was kinda told here http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?act…97fd4cc9de48b39

these instructions work indeed with most sequencers and recording gear.
but renoise does not.

you can however sync the bpm to an external midi device or an other piece of software


ive been wondering the exact same thing

i bought a midi control surface a while back and nothing i could do seemed to get the aasignable buttons on it to communicate with renoise at all

i cant wait till it does work tho
i also saw something the other day that could possibly externally fix this
because apparentally it is suppose to work (renoise’s mmc)
i think it had to do with using max/msp to route the signals to renoise
i havent tried it yet tho

i got midi yoke and setup an old tracker called AXS with it, and renoise was able to send the start and stop but other then that they both would freak out

  • i just tried it and it doesnt seem to be working right now

If you see this the other way round it does work.
but you don’t have to configure your control surface but Renoise.

If you use the Midi-Mapper. you can freely assign all the parameters of the tracks and their effects to controllers on your hardware.

well yeah of course, i can assign all of them.
but not the mmc functions in question. :P

no indeed, that’s to bad.
they said they had cleaned up the code of 1.5 so new features could be easier to implant.

I hope they kept this kind of things in mind.
If there would be an ’ mixer screen’ or something and those start, stop, next/previous track and so on MMC controls along with options like for instance mute a track with an hardware button, then renoise would be a great deal (even better than now) for mixing your tracks, composing them and even performing them live.

i really kind of feel that they are feeling rushed to put out 1.5

i mentioned to taktik that there were still many bugs in the software that needed to be taken care of before 1.5 stable was released just last week

that certainly didnt go down too well, and i completely understand why.
(im sure they look at it similar to how a mother views her own child

  • i know i would)

i really think they need to take a few weeks off and have some fun instead of dealing with us every moment of free time they probably dont have.

anyway, i have much faith that 1.5 stable will be a pure work of art, and let me make music instead of getting steadily frustrated, i think before anything tho a really good, highly descriptive manual needs to be put up in the wiki
the manual 1.281 had is what basically “got me tracking”

if they could just use that and edit all the old shit out im sure there would be more ppl that was able to fully grasp the concepts and ideas just like i did from it.
shit i couldnt figure out how they worked until read that manual.

but back to the post,
i really do hope they dont let this slide, cuz if they do then whats the use of having that button?