Midi Controller Pitch Bend With Samples?

How would I use the pitch wheel with samples in Renoise?
I was hoping to be able to record like this from the controller because whenever I try to program in the pitch slide commands they always come out wrong.

I know I can just load up a VSTi and then replace the instrument for a sample but I also want it for jamming etc…

the pitchwheel sends controller data for midi use only. If you want to slide sample you`ve got to use renoise commands.

hopefully the won´t bind everything to midi. Because the 128 points may not work as accurate as the bild in functionality.

Pitch bend has a resultion of 65536 values in MIDI. And it would be nice to have it mapped to sample pitch, even if not all commands could be mapped.


Ok, sorry… I was wrong by 4 times… but still 8000 something is a lot more than 128.