Midi Controller Play Button Disables Loop Mode

I noticed a change in the behavior of my midi controller’s play button (MMC Play): If I have loop mode enabled and press it, loop mode automatically gets disabled. I’m pretty sure it didn’t do that before, and I find it very confusing. Is this intentional?

I guess it is triggering “song-play” mode rather than “pattern play” mode.
did you midi mapped that button once to the pattern play mode and remaped it accidentally to the song play mode?

No, that’s not possible because the button sends an mmc message and these can’t be mapped. And even if that were possible, there are no options for ‘play song’ or ‘play pattern’ in the midi mapping list. Just to be sure, I cleared all midi mappings, but that didn’t help.

But now I see that previous versions behave the same way. Strange, I’m pretty sure it behaved exactly like the space bar before, i.e., it would start playing and leave everything else unchanged.

In the preferences you can set the Fasttracker compatibility for the space record/stop mode (misc/plugin). I guess this toggle might influence the behavior then. Or is this one doing what you want?

That’s not it either, I’m afraid.

What I’m wondering is, what is supposed to happen when a controller sends an MMC Play message. Should Renoise play the song, play the pattern, or just play and keep loop mode unchanged?

Sorry to bring this up again, but I would really like to know what the MMC Play message is supposed to do. Play the pattern, play the song or just play. That last one would make most sense, I think.

Also, has anyone else noticed this behavior? Or am I just very confused and has it always been like this?