Midi Controller Questions

I just bought a BCR2000 and fully updated drivers. I set up it in Renoise like that:

is this correct or should I set it as MIDI Clock Slave too?
Generally the thing works, but for example the Learn function in BCR doesn’t seem to function in Renoise. According to the manual I should active the Learn mode on a specific knob and then turn a knob in a VST Instrument, effect or Renoise slider and is should setup its self. But after activating the Learn mode I turn controls in Renoise and nothing happens - like no MIDI signal is being transmitted by Renoise.

Some VST Synth have their MIDI CC Table in a .txt file so I can assign the knobs manually but most of them don’t come with such a file. Then I use a VstiAutomateDevice, choose parameters to controll and then assign the sliders through MIDI Map Parameters option, is this the only way?

When I have my Synth setup ready, then I record twisting the knobs during playback to the effect column, but what if I want to control more than four parameters of VST Synth at once? Can I have more than four effect columns some way?

The BCR has endless knobs and supports MIDI feedback, so you can assing a knob to a parameter, twist it in the controller, then twist the parameter in the software and its value is passed to BCR so when you twist the BCR knob again there will be no value jump. But how to achieve this in Renoise?
Maybe I should select the BCR in Instrument Settings/MIDI Properties too?

I know, many questions, but hope someone can answer them :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it a bug but found that when I assign any slider with MIDI Mapping for example to Ch1|CC1 it works fine but then if I edit the knob of BCR and set it to CC2, then remap the slider again to Ch1|CC2 it stops to function :frowning:
That’s strange because MIDI Mapping window detects the movement of the knob correctly.
So if I want to remap any slider I have to delete used DSP or VST, insert it again and map sliders again.

EDIT: nevermind, I’ve figured that out: it’s necessary to select another slider in MIDI Mapping for a moment and go back to the chosen one to do a remap of CC.


I finally managed to connect my yamaha psr 1700 keyboard to Renoise, so I’m very happy about that:)


Since I installed the driver that was included with my new USB/MIDI interface Renoise gives an error while starting up that says:

This application has failed to start because libpng13.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

when I click ‘OK’ the error pops up 2 more times and finally Renoise resumes starting up normally.

When Renoise has started and I start pressing notes on my keyboard, only a few notes respond now and then. In Editmode the notes are also followed up by volume values automatically (for instance C-400 32)

I have no idea what causes these problems.

thanx for your reaction Bantai,

I can’t find the entries in CachedFailedVsts.xml, but if its a vst instruments its not a big deal. By the time I find out wich one it is I just re-install it I guess.

Midi Notes:
How do I enable polyphonic mode and chord mode? Hopefully enable these settings will help. See the strange thing is: when I press a note it responds, but when I press another one nothing happens. But when I wait for like 5 or 10 seconds it responds again 1 time etc.

Well I found a solution for my problem. After each note I play on my yamaha psr, I have to press my footpedal. Only then I’m able to play another note :( Obviously far from ideal…

Here’s how the footpedal works on my keyboard:

-The first note/chord that I play reacts. In order to play another note I have to press and release the footpedal. This action does not stop the note>>

-If I want to stop a note, I have to press the pedal while still pressing the note. Then, when I release the note it stops.

-Playing chords is no problem. The latency is also ok.

I have the impression that this is an external problem, regarding my keyboard. Do you have any idea what can cause this?


Are there people on the forum that have expirience with the Korg K49 midicontroller? If so, does it have the problem of hanging MIDI notes(vst,wav,rni enz.)?

Are you using windows XP?
the korg drivers not seem to support other windows versions.

Yep I’m using XP. I did not buy the Korg yet, but before I do I want to know of it would be a good buy to use as a midi controller in Renoise.

It would be great if someone who expirienced the Korg K49 could tell me if this midi controller works properly in Renoise, especially when it comes to stuck/hanging notes.

Thanks in advance:)

hey jake,
dunno if this is stil a problem for you, but i have the K49 and its working fine with me on 1.8