Midi Controller Set-up?

hey guys, i’m new here and just wanted to know how i could use my m-audio oxygen midi keyboard with renoise, thanks.

Check this out



The oxygen 8 v2 looks like just the thing for me - daft question but is the usb connection alone enough to control renoise, i.e. I don’t have midi ports/interface on my laptop (also running vista btw if that’s a problem).

Probably very obvious to you guys but the last time I connected a keyboard to was to my amiga and I had to use midi interfaces etc :) I guess USB solves all that these days…

Ps. the cheapest OX8V2 I found btw was on www.htfr.com for 59 quid, bargain.


yes, it is (enough)

usb midi zomg <3

i mean, that’s the whole point of usb-midi controllers 0-;

about vista again i’m not sure, you’ll have to check the maudio hp for that.

edit: hm, isn’t listed explicitly(it just says “xp [home/prof] OR HIGHER”, well, dunno if vista is included there :x), perhaps do sum googling on that issue before you get yourself an usb-midi controller that doesn’t work with vista.

ps: how much is 59 pounds (?) in euros? :0

Thanks for the advice, I’ll do some research :)

Ps. 59 quid is about 79 euros.