MIDI controllers & device channels

I use Renoise to as the sequencer for my external gear. I am using an internal MIDI card (PCI) to improve latency. The MIDI inputs and outputs all run through this card. My master keyboard is the only “in” signal going to Renoise and I have the MIDI output running to all devices chained by MIDI through. Its a very easy setup.

My master MIDI keyboard has the ability to switch the operating channel very quickly. I can press the “operation” button and then select the channel that I want to operate on. This is great because I can quickly bounce from one device to another. However, the operating channel has no effect on device channel in Renoise. It does not matter if I’m on channel 10 of the keyboard, Renoise will still pump the signal to whatever Renoise device is selected.

Is it possible to make Renoise respect the MIDI controller channel and send the corresponding signal to the appropriate Renoise device without having to manually select the device with the mouse?

Thank you


Thank you. I guess I need to RTFM a bit more.

I’m sorry, but I am having the same problem, but I’ve pressed the “show all” button and selected my plugin (chipsounds). I still have no devices to choose from. :confused:
Any ideas? Thanks!

Is your device listed at all in MIDI Preferences? Have you used it at all with Renoise? is it playing whatever Instrument is currently selected, as you would usually expect?

I think I confused myself somehow. I am getting it to play now, but I am having a hard time getting it to glide/slide to a target note, or to any note without effecting all of the following pitches in that same channel. Much smaller problem through. Thanks for trying! :)

That is an unfortunate limitation of Midi. Even inside plugins this is a hard to handle topic, those that support a separate tone portamento mode either allows only that mode affecting all notes or simply behave full polyphonic without tone-portamento.