MIDI controllers' receiver to follow focus

It’d be super if we could map controls for example to instrument macros so that whatever instrument is selected would receive the midi messages, enabling intuitive control of any instrument’s macros that the user is playing with just 8 knobs with the same controller preset. Currently the MIDI bindings are global and inflexible to use with instruments. Who uses MIDI channels nowadays anyway if not with outboard gear, limited to 16 per controller?

To give an example, Reaper has a possibility to bind MIDI controllers so that their routing follows what’s in focus on multiple levels of detail as set by the user. I’d go with particular overrides general - say you have global binding to macros for your eight controller knobs, but then focus AHDSR device where you have those mapped to all the parameters locally, and get hands-on control over those instantly. This way it would be logical and easy to build intuitive and extensive level of hands-on control thorough Renoise with MIDI controllers. The global bindings should come in two flavors, ones that can be overridden, and others that can’t - handy for top bar controls and navigation and whatnot,

If in the future we can use instrument modulators (and effects) with VSTi’s as well this would come especially handy, as Doofers aren’t by default on every instrument, and they do serve a slightly different purpose, not being bound to and saved with Renoise instrument, allowing us to save and recall sound design work easily in one go even with VST instruments.

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Great idea :+1:

You can use the MIDI Universal Controller tool for exactly this. You only have to route once.


  1. Install the MIDI Universal Controller Demo tool.
  2. Invokes the tool.
  3. Turn ON the tool (top left button).
  4. Go to the first drop down list and click “Macros + Modulation”.
  5. Go to Renoise/MIDI Map.
  6. Map the first 8 sliders of the tool to your USB MIDI controller. It is recommended to use infinite spin wheels on your USB MIDI controller.
  7. Ready!

You now have all 8 macros of all instruments linked. Each time select each instrument to control them.
However, MIDI Universal Controller is much more than that!
Enjoy it!


Hi Raul, seems like a lot, I’ll have another look at it later. I can’t find Macros + Modulation anywhere in this first dropdown menu.

Surely I’d prefer a simpler way for such a simple task. This seems like a quite complex piece of software. But maybe I’ll learn it. Anyhow, seems like very capable one, thank you!

You have to “turn ON” the tool. First press the “OFF” button that is in the upper bar, on the left (sorry, maybe this step I had not explained well).
This tool is the simplest thing you’ll find for extensive MIDI control.

Apart from MUC you could look into making a Duplex script! I hacked mine into supporting instrument macros, plugins (with custom parameter banks and all, not just 8 mapped parameters) and even sample modulation, but naturally i wouldnt call scripting in lua seamless. Just wanted to shout it out as an option that could be way more intuitive than MUC with enough know how!

That said, native dynamic mappings would be incredibly cool too, plus Bitwig-esque custom parameter mapping

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