Midi Device Added/powered On: Listen On Midi Change Event Osx


my Korg M3 synthesizer’s usb midi device only shows up in MIDI-setup of OSX if the synthesizer is powered on.

So I have to restart Renoise after powering on.

It would be nice if Renoise automatically can detect such midi devices changes, maybe the is a system event for this? If not, a refresh button would be good.


Every DAW I’ve ever used works that way. Turn on the midi controller before starting Renoise.

Windows Audio and midi drivers assumes you have your stuff powered on before starting applications. It does not update their device list for applications that are already running. The problem is limited by the OS, not the application. I believe Mac and Linux don’t pose this problem.
You won’t have this problem if your midi device is connected through a din-plug with your audio card (because that midi device is always ready for action) than when dealing with a USB device.

I was under that impression too but the original poster clearly states his problem is on OSX…