Midi disc browser

Hello people, is there a way to make the disc browser to gain focus on a midi message and to browse it using CCs?

Thank you

No, the Renoise API does not give access to the focus of the disck browser or navigation.

But I think it would be possible to create your own disck browser with a window tool, being able to upload files too. But I think it’s quite complicated to build.

For my level now, I think the same think.
It would be nice though to be able to browse an listen to samples via your midi controller.

maybe with Midi-Translator

xm-play (for Midi-Files) can be configured extensively

This is something that @taktik should address.

However, even if you build a window tool for a disk browser, it will not be possible to reproduce the samples.
These capabilities should be MIDI mappable from Renoise or at least, expand the API to make that possible. Something similar happens with the phrases browser. It is possible to navigate and play the notes/phrases (OSC), but there is no access to the play or stop button of the phrase. The theme of sound reproduction is very restricted, when it should be the opposite (this is a DAW, it is supposed to make things sound!).

All you can do is (API6):

  1. Open or close the disk browser (which is the entire right column, not the lower right box).
  2. Navigate between the instruments (inside the instrument box).
  3. Navigate between the samples (inside the sample box)… and play their ranges of notes (OSC).

All this works very well.

The rest of the solutions or external programs are “crap” in the sense that everything is in Renoise, only that it is “not enabled”. It’s the usual issue: using floating windows or external programs can break the workflow or even cause certain incompatibilities, such as using the same hardware MIDI device in two programs at once.

If there were access to these things from the API, it would be perfectly integrated for MIDI input, directly, without floating windows.

Yeah, what I’m trying to accomplish is to make map as many elements of my workflow to a beatstep in order to make music without using the keyboard.
Even though I’m fluent with my key shortcuts, mapping everything to 16 buttons and 16 knobs, feel (an it is) more immediate.

This is certainly something that would benefit renoise users to customise and ultimately improve their workflow.