MIDI Drag and Drop with Roland TB303, 808 et al

Hey guys,
i am pretty new to renoise. Recently i managed to include my Roland Cloud Effects into Renoise.
Normally, after building sequences inside the plugin, you drag and drop your new pattern (“variation” in TB303) into a channel. At least, that’s how i am understanding the Plugin. The data-transfer works perfectly fine in Acid Music Studio, for example. Its really easy to create patterns - pull them into the timeline - arrange or rearrange them with other patterns, automate knobs etc…

With renoise however, the drag and drop function seems broken. The data included seems to be uncorrelated Salad - with no connection to the Plugin Whatsoever. Moreover, renoise creates a “Midi-Instrument” which is completely empty, during the drag and drop process. The “uncorrelated garbage” MIDI data is referenced to this new MIDI-Instrument. And yes: The 303 gets triggered “ON” - but cannot be controlled via Renoise - only via the plugin itself.

It is not possible to control the plugin -directly- with Renoise. The same applies to other Plugins e.g. the 808. It uses a similar type of sequencer - and you get the same uncorrelated garbage, when pulling patterns from the Plugin into Channels in Renoise.

That is a serious bug for me. I am not sure, if i am missing something. Having a plugin, you can’t control with the main program is quite pointless. And yes: I am aware of the Audio (=Wave) Downmix of Plugins - but this is not what i want. I do not want to sample my plugin-sounds - i want to control the plugin directly - treating the Plugin as a device.

Theres no midi drag and drop (Works different, someone may come along and explain properly) however, you can just trigger that pattern to play with a note command in the pattern editor. May have to change the sync settings in your plugin.

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Here’s a video tutorial for drag and drop midi files from VSTs
It works the same with Roland Cloud plugins