Midi / Drums

Hello I’d like to ask if renoise supports midi files anyhow, I am asking becouse I’d like to use sliced drums with their original midi… made in recycle… I am sure you know what I am thinking :) , For example you have 120bpm loop and you want to use it in 176bpm, classical tracker trick is to change pitch of the loop so it plays at 176, other method is to slice it manually and resequence it after, but it losts it’s original “groove” feeling after…
any suggestions how to solve this problem ? If midi support exist I could just load the sequence into renoise.

thanx for advice !

Renoise 1.5 is able to import MIDI files.
I’m not much into MIDI stuff… but I’ve done that myself a couple of times and it worked with no problem (so I correctly imported an old Final Fantasy 7 MIDI file and worked on it)
Suggestion: I don’t know if you ever heard this… but before posting on forum (asking help to others) you are supposed to show a little effort by looking at it and finding out if any other users ever asked for the same thing… or maybe looking into official documentation for the answer to your questions… ;)
Having a community that’s glad to help does not mean they are waiting for a sign to bring you coffee and donuts :lol:

or even try loading a .MID file into ReNoise could be of some help :)

:wub: thanks guys :) , that’s why IRC should be used in renoise :]] j/k I was just lazy so my apologize ;)

you can find us on #renoise IRCnet, anyway.

Most of us is idling most of time, but it still worth a try.

You could add yourself to idlers, at leasrt :)

hehe I see, i am there,I am proud idler of #trax ;]] so now we can idle together for a better world :P

IRC = Idling Requires Company