MIDI file import

Is it possible to import a midi file into renoise, and if so, how?

np, figured it out myself.


it is possible:

in the right panel choose “Songs” and navigate to the midi file.

Then double click on it. It will then be imported.

You may also right-click on the file and choose “Load with options”.


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This is very helpful, I always asking myself is there is a way too import midi files.

Thanks you.

I am trying to import a MIDI file and I get this:
The MIDI file is too big to be imported - some events will be skipped.
Please try to increase the pattern length in the Im/Export preferences and try again.

Bumping up the number in preferences doesn’t help and Renoise just freezes… what do?

I’m also encountering issues when importing MIDI. There’s this song I have in Guitar Pro, I bounced it to MIDI, but when I import it in Renoise, the DAW is stuck, the data are shown, but it won’t play anything and it freezes.
I’ll try to go through another software instead of do the GP>renoise directly.
E: Yes, it works when exporting each MIDI channel one by one in Ableton.