Midi Gear Question

i have an scuzzy oxygen 8 keyboard and a novation bass station. i’d like to be able to record knob twiddles into renoise in a song without having to map a knob on the oxygen first.

i’ve been looking at this xmidi as a midi interface. except i can’t figure out if i’ll still be able to use my keyboard if i introduce this into my set up. if i hook my bass station midi in and midi out to the xmidi, can i then connect the keyboard to the xmidi (using the second midi in) and play the bass station as normal?

i should say the oxygen 8 only has a single midi out, and the xmidi has 2 midi ins and 2 midi outs…

or perhaps the easiest thing would to be to get a midi keyboard with in/out like the axiom?


You can currently select two midi input devices and use them both simultaneously… Currently two midi devices is the max.


so could i have the keyboard as midi-in A in renoise and the bass station through the xmidi on midi-in B and still play the bass station with the keyboard?

Yes you can. You might need to use different MIDI channels to split out the midi messages towards the devices. You can currently only control one instrument at the same time unfortunately, we hope in the future to have MIDI properties assignable on a per instrument basis as well rather than only controllable by input devices. (which would also allow the possibility to export instruments through ReWire)

cool. thanks dood!