MiDI hang when automating pitchbend

Hi, I don’t yet know if this is related to Renoise or not, but if someone else has experienced same thing with different hardware, it would suggest it is a renoise bug.

the issue:
i am automating pitch bend values through the MIDI control device, sending data to my moog sub phatty. playing back, stopping, changing the curves a little bit, playing back, and so on. And everything works fine… BUT after 10-15 minutes the synth suddenly hangs (freezes a note in endless sustain), and renoise can’t release the midi device until the synth is turned off. And this happens EVERY TIME.

What’s weird, is that this only happens when doing pitch. No problems when automating other paraneters on the moog.

Any suggestions?
Does it sound more like a moog driver-bug, than a Renoise bug?

Driving me nuts, it’s a real workflow killer.

Does it help to retrigger the note from within Renoise and resend a note-off to the synth?
Or the synth receives a note beyond its count buffer and thus no longer can match a note-off for that particular note (or it simply missed the note-off).

Good idea, I’ll try that. I’ve tried replaying the pattern, but if I remember correctly neirher of the patterns contain any note-offs, so i might be in luck. thanks for the tip.

You were spot on vV. Inserting a temporary note-off after a freeze solves everything. didn’t think of that at all, so thanks a lot!
finally i can tweak away without worries, lovely. :D

Damn, that fix worked only that one time it seems. Three new crashes now, and note-offs didn’t help. The synth even has a panic button combo for hanging notes, but neither that or Renoise’s internal panic function helped. Well, the synth-panic stops the note, but It doesn’t tell that to Renoise, so playback isn’t possible, and shutdown is the only way.
Is there perhaps any other MiDI commands I can send that might force it to stop?

That sounds like some communication issues on your midi channel(s) (midi feedback perhaps, are you refeeding midi data from your synth back to it through Renoise somehow?). Midi doesn’t really have “ACKNOWLEDE” responses to incoming or outgoing signals. It is just being send, so when you perform a midi panic on your synth, i suspect it sends note-offs on all its midi out channels, but the channels that it received stuff from Renoise, it does not send signals back to, so Renoise will never get any ideas what happened to stuff it sent. So your problem reads like a feedback protection mechanism preventing your MIDI output gear on your computer from doing more damage. if you have another midi device with midi-in capabilities, is it producing the same problem? If so:check your hardware and cables,

You have these kind of problems a lot less with sysex since sysex adds checksum bytes for the other side to check the contents of the message and filter midi errors better.

I just had a long-ass session now, and decided to try using the DIN-MIDI port on the synth instead of the integrated USB-MIDI driver,
and I had no problems what so ever, 100% stable for several hours. Guessing the issue is the driver… hoping for an update soon.

Well, case closed.
Thanks for the input and help here!

Aha USB… hmmz, well, yeah, i’m happy with my MIDI Din connection, nothing above true hardware ;)