MIDI Hardware Sequencing Timing is Off?

Giving Renoise another shot here. I really really want it to work for me as I love the tracker environment, but what’s killing me is that I’ve got a bucket of hardware synths and no matter what I try, I can’t seem to get the hardware sequences to line up with the software sequences. I just did a test playing a kick drum in Renoise against a kick being sequenced into a Vermona DRM-1, and there’s about an 80ms between them with the DRM-1 hitting first. There’s gotta be some sort of compensation to where you can get the MIDI sequence to not play before the Renoise sounds, right? Please tell me I’m missing something stupid obvious here? Thanks!

If your sequences are being recorded to individual tracks, and the delay is consistent, you can delay the tracks in the effects section using the Track Delay option.

Yes, and then there’s an option to adjust latency in the instrument > MIDI settings (-35ms to +100ms), as well as an overall MIDI latency compensation in preferences > MIDI

Yeah, I found those two settings. The latter doesn’t seem to have much affect, and the former does help, but anytime I start adding/subtracting to the VST/sample side of things, I have to go in and readjust all those delay times again. It seems like there should be a more accurate form of delay compensation like in other DAW’s, no? I don’t get these kind of issues from Sonar, Reaper, or even Ableton. I’m a pitch a fit and be a whiny baby until somebody makes mah Renoise work. frumpy