MIDI: how to map a CC controller to pitch-bend?

Hi, how would I do it so that a specific CC controller can function as a pitchbend? sorry, i’m really not savvvy enough with renoise to figure this out.

Wat? More slowly: you have a midi controller sending CC? And you have renoise - then either a plugin (vst) instrument or a renoise sample based one? There’s difference.

For controlling plugin instruments, you’d use inst midi control, and the pb slider there, (re)map to your preference.

I’ve experimented with pitchbend for sample based instruments, and you can map an +/- operator in the sample pitch modulation graph to a macro - and can then map a midi cc to that macro in a track (allowing to record automation).

There are still severe downsides and side-effects in between everywhere, and some extra tricks. I can has luv pitchbend, for me it just feels cool to use that springloaded wheel while jamming notes with the other hand. Playing without feels like being forced to play a guitar without bends and whammy bar.

So…what exactly do you want to achieve?

So…what exactly do you want to achieve?

Well… Yes, I should’ve explained. All I wanted to accomplish was:

LPD8 Midi CC Knob -> Renoise -> Midisport 2X2 USB out -> synthesizer pitchbend on selected midi-instrument’s channel.

I was able to solve this issue with

*Inst Midi Control,

5483 Renoise__Intel_32Bit_.png

and now am working on figuring out how to map a knob to control both follow pattern + record on/off toggle :slight_smile:

Thanks… had similar problem trying to automate pitch wheel without MIDI controller.