Midi-hub? Cable?

Hey :)

I am a proud owner of an old midi-cable (that one that came with my old SB16) but now I have a new soundcard without a gameport and so, I cannot use midi anymore.

As I am also a proud owner of a CASIO-CTK 691 Keyboard I do not want to buy another master-keyboard with USB. Which Midi-Device (USB) would you suggest me?

lit. : RIO (1 midi to usb)
med.: ESI M4U (4 In & outs)
big: Midisport 8x8 (or even bigger midi- patchbay)

sry my fault, not Rio.
RoMI/O , also by esi.

or you can always throw an old soundcard in your computer and disable the sound drivers, but keep the joystick port drivers installed … that’s what i do :)

@dj io with xp?

@marc check swissonic midi-usb (19,90 €)