Midi Import Into A Track Without Opening A New Song?

How do I get a midi file onto a track without opening a new song? What does a new song have to do with importing a midi file to a track/tracks. What should I do with Renoise to get a mid file into an existing song?

Thanks, James

Hi James,
Renoise does currently not support importing MIDI “snippets” as you refer to.
Some plugins and even hosts allow dragging MIDI sniipet content into their tracks, but Renoise simply assumes all “content” that contains the extension .MID (which is what they have) is a midi song-file.

This feature has been requested a few times though, so this is a known issue.

I brought this up once too.

I think the solution that was recommended to me was to import the midi file into a new instance of renoise. Then copy and paste the data into your project. It’s a pretty easy workaround and works quickly.


Thanks for the answers. I didn’t know I could open two instances; so copying and pasting does work (back from testing) :w00t: :wink:

Now I have work out (Copy Pattern But Attach A New Instrument) … see my post ??? :blink:


Blame the huge never slimming to-do list at wich new to-do options raise faster to the priority top than the minor requests…

Just for informational purposes:
In the final Alpha stage Taktik opened a suggestion round on which minor additions could be added to 2.5 considering they would be small and easy updates… That list grew i believe over 3 pages large.
There are too many relatively “small and easy to implement” suggestions around.