Midi Improvements

Thanks to latest updates, i’ve been using renoise much more again. Only few things bothers me anymore, mostly with midi routing.

I would like to lock device ‘A’ channel ‘x’ to control instrument ‘B’ channel ‘x’, no matter what instrument you have selected. Device/channel could be selected from instrument settings page, so midi inputs in preferences could control renoise and selected instrument. This would also solve problem with only 2 input devices. It should have option, which cuts input messages going straight to output, so you could write automation with your HW synth knobs. And channel select is important if you have just one midi controller in use and have templates for all synths, controlling another device could be just one click away.

Another thing is to have input from plugin, routing could be selected from instrument settings, just like above.

Any plans for either already?

Ah yeah I didn’t mention device/channel->instrument/channel binding but I would also like that.

Here’s a picture what I imagined:

Everything obvious is there and doesn’t take any space from gui.

I hope that hosting works, couldn’t find attach anymore.
edit. didn’t work for long… maybe photobucket.

remembers me of this suggestion I made