Midi Input From VST Instruments


I recently purchased Renoise as a DAW to use for sequencing my music in a tracker based environment, and I love it so far. However, I’ve encountered several issues when trying to work with my midi instruments and VSTs, particularly Maschine, within Renoise.

There have been several threads posted that talk about these issues around the forum, but I’m reposting here to kind of beat that drum a little louder, because I’ve tried all the work-around tricks and/or tried to adapt to a different workflow, and it just isn’t happening for me.

Simply put, I’d like to copy midi note data over from VSTs directly into the Renoise sequencer without having to start a new instance of Renoise and copy the midi data back into my original work in progress. Currently, for example, whenever I drag and drop midi from Maschine into Renoise, it opens a new instance of Renoise, and I have to copy the midi data from that instance back into my original project, which… is kind of annoying. If this one feature could be changed about the program, I’d be convinced this was simply the best DAW in the world, but currently I’m not so sure.

For example, I don’t have this problem at all in Logic Pro X.

In Logic Pro X, I can load Maschine as an AU instrument plugin on a track, assign midi output to "host"in the Maschine software, and then in Logic the midi data gets sent to the track in my sequencer. Midi gets recorded into the sequencer when I hit record and start banging away. It just works.

I would like to see that kind of compatibility with Renoise in a future version. Until then, I may have to shelve Renoise and just go back to working with Logic for the time being, as Maschine is an integral part of my workflow.

I think this has been a feature request since I joined this forum over 5 years ago. It’s probably pretty save to say that this is not considered an important feature from the developers’ side. A pity, but it’s the case with a lot of features that are not directly part of the classic tracker workflow. I would suggest to you to not wait for this feature to be implemented. The next version will be out soon, which just adds the Redux feature set to Renoise and the version there after is at least 1-2 years away. Try to enjoy Renoise the way it is right now, or if this is not possible then it’s probably indeed best to go back to using Logic for now as you mentioned.