Midi input notes from controller in wrong octave

I’m having a problem with renoise transposing the midi input from my controller. I have the Arturia keylab and I’ve configured it to send the drum pads notes out on channel 10 starting on note c-1 and ending on d#2. When I view the output from the Arturia midi console, that’s what I see. When I view the output from MidiView I see the same. When I look at the midi monitor in renoise, I get notes on channel 10, but from c-3 to d#4. What’s going on here? Does renoise transpose midi input at some point? I’ve not been able to find a reason as to why this is happening so any ideas would be much appreciated.


If you change octave in renoise (right top of gui), does it follow?

It doesn’t seem to.

2022-04-14 07_53_45-template.xrns - Renoise (x64)

And this is what I see in Arturia Midi Control Center:
2022-04-14 07_54_57-MIDI Control Center - Default

Refer to the manual on your controller. Typically it has a button where you can change the octave.