Midi inputs disabled while rendering in realtime?


While using a midi fx vsti, a routing and a midi loopback device to control 3 vstis, the instruments won’t played while realtime rendering.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download example song from here:https://forum.renoise.com/t/protoplug/41867

  2. Follow the instructions on the linked page, to setup midi feedback properly

  3. Now play the song. You will see, the first track is controlling track 2-4.

  4. Now render in realtime mode: Result will be silence

What is expected

At least in realtime mode, the result should be identical to what is listenable while live playing.

MIDI outputs are not suppressed when rendering but MIDI inputs are - on purpose - was reported as a malfunction a few releases ago and in general makes sense. In this case not.

Timing of such custom midi loopback device routings always is a little bit off. I think the better “fix” would be allowing to add the ability to create such layers in Renoise itself - somehow.

Good morning,

this makes sense, did not thought about this.

Could you guys consider then to add 4 or more routing ports that all simply send the same data? So even the same channel as the Input? Because that would open great possibilities of midi splitting.