Midi Instrument 'Program' Field Limit

‘Program’ in MIDI Properties under Instrument only goes up to 127. This is a great shame, when many hardware synths have patch banks that go up to 255! I only noticed this today when trying to crank up my JV-1010’s patch to 228 and neither clicking the arrows nor entering the value manually works in Renoise - I had to do it directly on the hardware. Not a huge practical issue, but it means that I can’t store the true patch info in my XRNS.

On the other hand, maybe this has been designed to a MIDI-spec which I don’t know about, and which Roland ignored when making the JV-1010…but I’m fairly sure it’s not unique in having >128 patch slots.

Cheers for any suggestions!

Well, yes it is the limit of the general MIDI convention and it cannot be surpassed.


To be more specific regarding your hardware:

The same problem occurs in any midi box that doesn’t respect bank changes. The only workaround I know of (mentioned in that Ableton thread) is to record a program change to the program you want into your DAW, because they’ll have some weird ass system that no DAW would think to support.

The way it works on my K2000R - I think - is that if you send two program changes milliseconds apart to the same channel then it adds the two program changes together to get the right number! (!) Maybe Roland did the same thing.

But even knowing that I was never ever able to get my K2000R to respect a 128+ program change manually, I have to record it and play it back.

The Nord Modular G2 has thousands and thousands of programs in hundreds of banks. All it really means is that you have to move the programs you actually use to the “front”. If you have decent librarian software this is no hassle at all.

Fullofkittens - good to know I’m not alone :) And I’ll try that interesting tip…

sunjammer - yup, no hassle with a decent librarian, but not so good for non-editable or non-easily-editable patchbanks (such as on expansion boards in romplers like the JV-1010)*. Oh well, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing - dialing everything in my hand after each load. Then when we get long-sample support, I’ll be able to render it all off easily and work with it :)

I basically just rename the instrument to include the bank and program number. The manual dialling isn’t THAT big a hassle either i guess. But i see where you’re coming from :)