Midi Instruments... Os X

im on the ibook. how can i use the internal MIDI device for instruments?

MIDI’s play… so i know its there somewhere!

If you go to the Instrument Settings and pick the first panel called “Midi Properties” you should be able to select your internal Midi device.

In Mac OS X go to UTILITIES/AUDIO MIDI SETUP. With this app you can activate MIDI in the system.

A pity i don’t have a mac…
I could have tested this myself.

hehhe. ive done ALL THOSE!

in midi setup, theres just a IAC device. nothing else.

this is why im STUMPPED!!!

The IAC device is just an internal ‘port’ through which different applications can send midi events to each other. The name itself is a legacy left over from the days of the old OS, as it was the only way in those days for different apps to talk midi without going through an external interface.

To take advantage of this midi stuff, you need something that generates midi events that you can pass through the iac device (or indeed some other device name, since port naming is arbitrary under os x). Try some novel sequencing ideas (in addition to Renoise’s internal sequencer of course) such as sending events from Numerology to Renoise, or go and by something that you can hook into your machine that makes midi events, such as a midi keyboard or controller.

hmm, i think i actually had this same problem!

the IAC is confusing sometimes! sometimes when i try to use it, it doesnt react the way i think it was suppose to.

i imagine in order to use the midi wave table a midi server must by initialized.
an i dont think renoise does this!

however, i dont believe you can record those wavetable samples from inside renoise, everytime ive thought to play with them it didnt seem like i could get any dsp chains to work on the output, tho i didnt try to render.
(this was on my pc desktop)

there is a program that will let you play with all those wavetable samples , but it completely eludes my memory atm, when i get home i will look.

No, you can’t do this, even on Windows you cannot render your wavetable samples when MIDI is involved.
In Next edition there may be a way using the recording option of the sampler, if you can send your wave out to your input as well, not every soundcard supports this, but if it does, you can record it in Renoise.
Though the timing has to be resynchronised on a Windows machine. Probably that a Mac can record internal wavetable and Renoise samples tightly together, but then again i don’t know how the audiobus is being controlled on a Mac and what possibilities you have of routing your audio card’s out-device to your in-devices.
But i need to put some extra material in the docs for mac users and this seems very usefull information so if you have any other usefull info that would be worth mentioning for the documentation, then by all means say so, though i can’t make screenshots.

heres that program i was mentioning before its called simplesynth.


you would need to have this running Before you fire up renoise, or it will not See it. once renoise is loaded there will be a virtual input to simplesynth that can be selected, but yeh just as Vvoois wrote; you wont be able to record this from INside renoise, because it is looked at as an External device.

if the virtual input is not seen it should be possible to select say IAC port 1 in Renoise an then select IAC port 1 in Simplesynth.

ive looked around for a howto or a manual or anything that could explain apples IAC device, short of calling them up. it rather confuses me sometimes. like where is the Apple DLS sound set device!? xD

i cant say or tell if its a problem with osx-renoise not being told the DLS device is ‘There’ or a problem with osx not telling renoise it’s there. im stumped.

@Vvoois, i would glady make some screenshots for ya, an any other combinations you might be thinking about. i figure you might want or need to cut them up, would it be best to just make full screen shots an get them to you?

Fullscreen shots won’t hurt at least.


okay i got quite a few screenshots of stuff, including one that shows a problem with renoise’s size of 1024x768! ((on g4 ibooks at least) its because of the toolbar at the top)

i noticed while i was doing this my above instructions are flawed, using the virtual input is an option but, Lawerance’s instructions are truly best.

i just now see the PM function Works!!!
whikkid! i’ll pm you with a link to the zip once its uploaded to my server.